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Melissa Rose Barnes
Pentagon, Virginia
Employer: U.S. Navy

Redlands, CA 
Age: 27
Yeoman Second Class

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kelly gonzalez

There isn't a day that goes by that i'm not thinking of you. I will always question why this had to happen.I keep thinking its to make me stronger but why you? This is what life is about love someone and take them away so your left with pain the rest of your living life. The pain gets worse everyday.The kids you left behind to ask me questions about you and why I didn't stop it from happening.Juan remembers you eating cheese-its with him but Jennie is left only with pictures.I cant get this out of my head when we went to Costco and you asked me if you could carry Jennie so everyone would think she was your baby in the store. I told you she will always be your baby to and you wanted to be her God Mother.That was the last time you would see her again. I'm so sorry life for us could end like this. You have left me with so many why's?You knew your life was short you always told me that.I just wish I would have listened to you we had so much more to do.I love you so much and I will went until its my turn to see you again. I will never have to let you go again.Keep your eyes on Juan and Jennie when I cant see. Love you always your Best Friend Kelly Gonzalez


you rock

jennifer anderson

I did not hear about Melissa's passing untill later My heart and prayers go out to her family and David Im so sorry that I didnt contact you but I lost your number I will never forget the great times Melissa and I had. Rest in peace
love Jennifer Anderson-O'sullivan

YN1(SW) Chris Howk

Mels family,

Hope you are doing well. I know it doesn't get any easier. I was stationed with Mel at the Pentagon and still have terrible night mares about that day. I hope and pray that you have found some comfort in your life. Best wishes..



My darling, you are on the other side of the rainbow now, with Jennie, and all those who have gone on before. I hope you are all having a wonderful time there. We will see you again and Jim and I wait for that day. Thanks to all those who have left messages of hope here and God bless you all. Yes, Darrah, I remember you too.


Melis, I can still see those days getting Yum Yum donuts in the back of the El Camino.....not a day goes by where you both don't cross my mind....how is it where you are? I'm sure Jennie was glad to see you. Thanks for visting and I hope you like the license plate. I look forward to seeing you happy as ever in my dreams....
BTW, I have always loved you both the same.
We miss you terribly, Moi.



YN1 Jonathan B. Hoehn, USN


It has been two years now and I just cannot stop thinking about you. I enjoyed our morning talks. The last time I saw you was that morning. I was coming back from getting coffee and I saw you through the "A" ring windows. I told myself that I would talk with you later in the day. I had to get back to my office because my boss had a meeting. Mel sweetie, you are always on my mind.

Love, Jon

Jody Hadden

Mel, I wish I had been better friend. I can't help thinking I should have been there with you. You were the only thing I missed about working at the Pentagon. God bless you and your family. Jody

fumc-jr. hi bible study

Hello. It's us again. We have continued to pray for your family and friends every week. We say a prayer and light a candle in remembrance of Melissa. We will continue to keep you in our thoughts, prayers, and hearts. We could never imagine the pain and suffering your family has endured. god bless you and God bless America.

Judy Lockwood

Since Missy cannot view this prayer I am leaving this here for her family that was left behind.
I wish I would have gotten to know Missy but I have learned so much about her from her mom, step-dad and other family members.
I attend church with Missy's mom.
There are no words that are fitting enough to say how deeply sorry I am for the family's loss.
She is in a much better place than we are and we shall see her again someday. God Bless

Darrah Rey

I was your next door neighbor in your apartment in redlands in 5th grade. I just learned of your passing on 9/11/2002. May you rest in peace and thank you for all of the memories of you & I, natalie and raynell. I am glad to have known you.

Darrah (Landeros) Rey

nel beck

Melissa, The Jr. Hi Bible Study at First United Mentodist Church, Ft. Payne, AL, has placed your name on our memorial wall. We know God is with you as you are with Him.


Hi Mel,

Been thinking more of you lately. Just wanted to let you know. We all miss you more than words can say.


I know you are smiling down on me, Melissa! I miss you so much!

David Mennie

R.I.P. sis.. You and Jennifer are in a much better place now.. I love you always..

Your Bro