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Margaret (Peggy) Jezycki Alario
World Trade Center, New York City, NY
Employer: Zurich American Insurance

New York, NY 
Age: 41
Global Products Manager

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I am a middle school student and I chose Mrs.Peggy to represent my project. We were supposed to pick one person to study and learn about that had been lost in the attack on 9/11. It is to get us to learn about the attack for the 10th anniversary. I think this story is incredible. I was young when the attack was, so I never knew a lot about it till now. I am heart broken for everyone's lost. My heart weighs down with sorrow. Im really happen I finally realized what happened. Like I knew, but not to this intensity! I will pray for those lost! Love to all!

Gayle Jackson

our office was in New York for a planned meeting on Thanksgiving weekend 2001-we are from Kentucky & we rode the Staton Island Ferry & her brother was on there(he is a firefighter-that we would love to contact but do not have his name)here brother walked with us to ground zero & then told us about his sister-it was a very overwhelming moment for our office-we keep her picture here at the office & she & he will always be in our prayers.

Beverly Romako

May peace be with you all at this time. You are in my prayers. Peggy was a beautiful person! All who knew her were blessed!

Ginny Harrington

There isn't a day that I don't think about Peggy. She will always be in my thoughts and prayers.