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Joanne Ahladiotis
World Trade Center, New York City, NY
Employer: Cantor Fitzgerald

New York, NY 
Age: 27

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brianna nelson

well today in class the gave us braclets with pictures and we got to pick wich one we want, i saw your picture and the age next to it and thought she was so young, so i picked you and looked you up on here.

to all the family of joanne ahladiotis i am very sorry for your loss i will keep you all in my prayers.

joanne seemed like a nice woman and when i grow up and go to heaven i hope to meet her.


Hey, Im ashley im doing this school project on 9/11 and i picked her so if u have any information on her it would be wounderful thankyou and sorry for ur lost.


God Bless You!!! You will be in our hearts and Prayers forever!!!


Bobby Ferguson

It's been four years since all this has happened and i think about all of those families that lost a love one.
God bless you all!!!!!!!
Bobby n Papa


joanne i'm going on to every site bout and i'm writing all these letters i just still can't believe that u r gone even though. Me anf my family have a picture in our room so u can help us if near trouble. Great sorrows to thea,theo,effie and basil with their new child joanne. from ur cuzzins in australia angela katina angelo stephanie
we love u


I am feeling for you and your family! God bless us all! I was woundering could you please say hi to my boyfriend his name is Paul Mereu he is 26 years of age and passed away in November 2002! Could you tell him that i love and miss him very much and he is always in my thoughts and that i hope we will one day be reunited in heaven!

You never know you may have aleady met and if so i bet your getting on great he is such a lovely person.

Anyway thank you for that. I hope you have found peace.


september 11 2001 is nearly 2 years ago - but since this day i am praying every day.

joanne - why you ? you were a very special person.
i hope i meet you in heaven-i will never forget you till the end of my days.

Mark Anthony Payne


I just wanted to tell you that my prayers will always be with you forever. You have the most beautiful smile and eyes that makes me cry alot. I hope you are doing already in heaven watching all of us. My condolences go out to your whole family and friends. GOD BLESS YOU FOREVER! @-->-->--


Dear Joanne,

As a Greek-American, I am crying for our community. We lost a lot of our compatriots last year. You and I could have been friends. We may have seen each other in Astoria or perhaps in Manahattan. I am very sorry for everything that has happened and I wish that we could go back and erase 9-11-01. WE will never forget you and we will always remember you. I know that you are in heaven and are an angel watching over all of us. But you are in a better place. We all need to be strong and united in this tough time.

Aonia i mnimi sou. May you rest in peace.



Jessica Palmer

hope you like heaven i hope those people die for what they did.well hope your familys fine.i'll pray for who and everybody else who died on sept.11.01


Joanne..........I am honored to have a dialogue with your cousin, Roula. She is a great inspiration to me since Sept. 11th and helps me to deal with this. There will NEVER be a day that goes by where I will not think about Sept. 11th and you. Even my dreams haunt me...........and this is ok, because I never want to forget. I am praying that the memorial will be a place where we can go and everyone's memories will mesh into a single thought......the healing will never begin, no matter what. Healing the evil will never take place........but your memory will live forever and these tributes are living proof!



I hope you are doing well in heaven. Which I know you probably are. God will take care of you and your family. I pray only for the best for you and your family.


You don't know me
I feel I lost someone very close to me.
I will never forget your name and your beautiful eyes !

I hope I visit you in heaven!

in momorium,
a 13-years old boy


I don't personally know anyone who died in the WTC attack but I picked Jo because she's very much like me. She's 27 and worked for a software firm as a Sytems Analyst which is what I do. She sort of straight away reminded me that it could've been me who died that day...it's amazing how sad and tragic this whole thing is.

But I know Joanne is with God now - rid of all attachments and pains of earthly existence. I pray for her and each and everyone who so tragically lost their lives in this horrible attack. May you all rest in peace.


I did not know anyone who lost their life on 9/11, so to make this more real for me, I decided to pick someone who did lose their life, learn what I could about them, and now everytime I hear about 9/11, I will think of that person. I picked Joanne, and now everytime I see one of those awful pictures, or hear about 9/11, Al Quaida, etc, I will think of her and hope that she is in a better place, at peace, and smiling down on us.

Bjorn O. Heisterkamp

This is the worst way of hearing from you again. I wish all your family, friends and relatives the best of luck and strength. Everyone will miss you.