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Gopalakrishnan Varadhan
World Trade Center, New York City, NY
Employer: Cantor Fitzgerald

New York, NY 
Age: 32

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Antblake (NYU)


I didn't know about your brother, your son, you cousin, your uncle, your nephew and your friend's loss.

I was standing and watching the buildings from my office conference room at BCNY, 287 East 10th Street and Ave. My conference rook faces south, and as I was watched I felt helpless, saddened and lucky to be alive.

I stayed in the city for two days to make sure that the boys I worked with at private boarding schools could get in touch with their families. I lived in Somerset County and if I left the city I wouldn't of been able to get back in, and I knew that my time would be better served in NYC.

I also thought to myself that I was at the WTC the day before for lunch at Morgan Stanley's executive dining room (somewhere between the 80-88 Floors) with former Dean Witter Reynolds Chair, Robert M. Gardiner to approve my Education Budget, this meeting was supposed to be on 9/11 in the morning, but my boss wanted to have lunch, so we pushed it to Monday 9/10. I thank the Lord.

Last week I scheduled a meeting with Nick Blatchford, who runs New Height's Program, which was modelled after BCNY's Academic All-Star Program which I ran for 6 Years. After I scheduled the meeting with Nick a few days later I looked at his advisory board and saw an Ashok's name. As I googled Ashok's name to see how his life turned out I found the Apr 12, 2002 Newsweek article.

Ashok, I am sorry for your loss, and I do not know how it feels to have loss someone during 9/11, but I hope the family is well. Gopalakrishnan is not forgotten because he lives in you, and I remember you when I was at NYU, you used to talk about him like he was a King. I was young 20 and trying to be tough to make it out of the ghetto(I made it), and you were 15 with C.Rad (RIP) Tic & Shawn, already acting confident, brilliant and strong, so if Gopalakrishnan was your mentor and example, then from your blessings alone, know that you, your family, and Gopalakrishnan walks with God.

Be Well and I will pray for and with your family, Anthony Blake (NYU 92)

A Fellow New Yorker

Your spirit will never leave us. You represented the best of all of us, and we can only aspire to be all that you were. Someday we will meet, in a better world.