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Sophia B. Addo
World Trade Center, New York City, NY
Employer: Windows On The World

New York, NY 
Age: 36

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Christly Charles

i did not know you at all but i wanted to say to your family and close friends that ill pray for you family and god bless you all.

Guy Picard

I am sorry for your loss. Faith will help you through this.



This goes to the family of Sophia. Hi my name is Amani. I can never say I understand what your going through, but I do share my grief.When those towers came down the whole world crumbled with them.The Twin Towers weren't just buildings they repersented the life of America.I was in class when I heard the news,the first thing I thought about was all those people.My friend wrote a prayer for religion class for all those lost souls. I will never forget the silence of our school or the words that will stay in my mind and myu heart forever "They were men and women with families,friends,children,jobs and they will never be forgotten"my friend said. My kids and my grand-children will learn about this historic even,and learn men and women lost there lives for the sake of Stopping Terrorism.I live in Canada but wish to live in America,the day everyone pulled together as a country and not caring about religion or racies made me proud.From the bottom of my heart I am very sorry for your lose.
Thank you

Lori V. Sapienza

I did not know you, but I will pray for the family of Sophia Addo. We will not forget.

Marti Roush

Sophia - I never knew you, but I know you worked in one of the best restaurants in the world. I understand that employees were proud of their contributions to such a fine organization. For your spirit and for your family and friends, these are simply prayers of peace, remembrance and forgiveness. Love, Marti Roush