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David S. Suarez
World Trade Center, New York City, NY

Princeton, NJ 
Age: 24

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Ted Suarez

We pray

We pray for David and all those lost that September day
We pray that their deaths may not have been in vain.
We pray that we may find healing
We pray that with healing we may find love in our hearts to forgive
We pray that forgiveness may bring growth
We pray that growth may bring discovery
We pray that discovery may bring understanding
We pray that understanding may bring compassion
We pry that healing, love, forgiveness, growth, discovery, understanding and compassion will help us live together
If we live together with faith in our ability to overcome our differences and hope for a better tomorrow, our prayers for David and all those who died that day will reach them
They will smile and know that they did not die in vain

Ted Suarez
Father of David Suarez
WTC 1 - 99