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Tara Creamer
American Airlines Flight 11

Worcester, MA 
Age: 30

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I did not know Tara but she was a very good friend of my oldest Daughter Dawn Marie Tobin. From what my daughter has told me about her she was a very good person, loving mother and wife, and always kind. I know she is missed by all who knew her.


I did not have the blessing of knowing Tara but ever I have heard her story, her family and friends have been in my thoughts and prayers! It makes me sad that such a wonderful young lady, daughter, sister, wife, and mother had her life cut short. From what I have read about her, she seems like she was such a special person. I have read that she always was such a joyful person, had a smile for everyone, and always showed by her words and actions how much she loved her family and friends. Yes, I never had the pleasure of knowing Tara, but she has encouraged me to smile more, be joyful, and always let my family and friends know how much they mean to me. Thank you Tara for your example! May God Bless you, your family, and friends! You and your family will continue to always be remembered in my daily rosary! I pray that Jesus and Our Lady will bring your family and friends peace and comfort!

Maria Newcomer In New Bedford, MA.


I wish that I had got the chance to know you better, from what I hear and remember about you was that you had a smile that could brighten the world and make someones day. Thats why whenever I see a sunflower you cross my mind. Rest in peace, your always thought about and remembred in the kindest ways. I know your smiling your beautiful smile down from Heaven on us and you will never be forgotten.

Lynn Peterson

I went to High School with Tara. I think of her and her family often. I mourn for her loss, the loss of the other victims and also the Soldiers we have lost since. My heart is heavy today.

mike wyne

Each year my prayers and thoughts are with the Creamer family during this difficult time.

Love the Wyne family from Worcester MA


It doesn't seem to get any easier missing you. How could it? You were a blessing. Your smile, humor and kindness were all bundled up in something so special. I will be 80 and still will miss you like our days together were yesterday. I am so glad I never took one day with you for granted. Thank you for everything you did for me. Thank you for taking me under your wing and holding me close to your heart. I promise I will do the same for yours. I will love you always and forever.


Tara was such an amazing person, our world is a different place without her in it. I think of Tara often but I decided to write a note today, 6/8/08 in memory of Tara.

What a beautiful, loving, funny friend... She is so missed by so many...

I think about John and the kids and wonder how they're doing... I know they all most have a big hole in their heart... I do hope all are okay...

We'll never forget you, Tara!

JR Estrada

Here it is 6yrs later and I pray for your soul and for your family, especially you kids. As always I will continue to lift them up in my prayers as I know you are watching down on them. Miss ya, and I know that when the sun is shining its brightest that its like your smiling down on all of us...

Maureen (Clifford) Quill

I remember you this week and always. You can't ever be too far from my mind, for I named my first child after you. And she will always know her namesake. I talk about you to her sometimes and she really seems to love to hear about you. She is proud to share your name. And I am proud to have given it to her. God Bless the Creamer/ Shea families.. Love, Mo


A little more than 5 years has passed since the 9/11 attacks, yet to me it still feels like it was yesterday. I pray for everyone lost on that horrid day........ I will never forget exactly what I was doing when I heard the news. I knew no one who died personally. I live in the Worcester, MA area, near where Tara lived and she was close to my age, it just goes to show that it can be over at any time...always live life to the fullest and let your family know how much you love them. Photos of Tara have been etched in my mind since that day, whenever I think of 9/11 I think of Tara and her family, and wonder how they are now. 2 years ago I boarded an AA flight from Boston to Los Angeles.....and Tara was on my mind the whole trip. Someday I hope her children understand what a wonderful person thier mother was and that people who never knew her mourn her loss!!!


Here it is five years later and Tara Creamer's name is so clear in my mind. I related so closely to Tara's story that I will always remember her even though we never met. I think of her every time I have to travel for work and be away from my husband and two children. I normally have infrequent work-related travel - 2-3 times a year but I have always dreaded each trip and being away from my family. Every time I had to travel I always left my husband the exact type of note that Tara left the morning of 9/11. Her story touched so close to home even though I am in Oklahoma. I think of her story often and of her husband and children and wonder how they are. I remember hearing her husband speak in an interview right after 9/11 and just thinking that could be my family's story. I know she is missed so deeply by her friends and family but being a total stranger she crosses my mind every now and then and reminds me to be the best mom and wife I can be because you never know what the day holds.


I miss you so much. I am sure that where you are, you can find comfort in seeing all of our lives and how they fold. I know you watch over us and are with us. This does not change how much I miss you. I know you know how much I love you. Dear Tara I miss you so. May God hold you with care. I love you.

Cathi Colton

Tara was my best friend in the world! We met in 6th grade, shared everything together-first kisses, first dances, first loves. We lived together in a college dorm room for 2 years and 2 years after that in a a tiny apt. and all she did was make me laugh every second of every day.

I visit her grave every month because I miss her soooooooooooo much. You can never replace your best friend-those "firsts" can't be replicated. I wear a very special ring that we bought together in Puerto Rico every day and I will always have her with me. I am thankful she was able to hold my children before they died and that they saw the spark that she ignited in me like no one else in the world.

I Love and miss you Taralanda!!


I didnt know tara,but from the photo I thought she was such a beautiful person.My deepest sympathy goes to her family.She is with the Angels now.The thing we need to look at is that one day we will see her again.May God give the family strength.

Moriarty,s of California

Tara is in Angel in heaven now! Her smile is carried on by all her family and friends. She is dearly missed. May God be with all the Creamer families and also with the shea families! May they find peace on earth! God guides; goverens and guards us! Love, The John Moriarty Families Brother of Jean Nee Moriarty Creamer

Richelle Sensat

To Tara's family:
Today is the third anniversary of 9-11. I did not know Tara or her family, or anyone who was carelessly taken from us on that horrible day. Yet, I sit in tears at my computer this morning. Tara's name has haunted me since this horrible ordeal. I have read as much as I can find about her and her family, and as one of the previous posters on this sight said, I nor my family know her or her family, yet we have been forever changed by her. I and my family pray for her and her family. Although three years is merely the blink of an eye, and we can never know or understand the pain they go through, please know that there are many out there like us who suffer with you over this. We take comfort in knowing that this life, too, shall pass for us, and ultimately we shall be reunited with our loved ones. I make it a point to revel and remember all the high and good points of my life, so that when I am reunited with my loved ones, I can share and remember with them first hand the experiences they were not there physically to share with me. I hope that in even the smallest way my words and prayers offer some type of comfort to Tara's family. May God bless and watch over you all of your days.
Sincerely and lovingly,
Richelle Sensat
Youngsville, Louisiana
Devoted wife of Tom, and mother of three beautiful girls


A Most Precious and Beautiful Light.
So Kind, Generous, Warm, and Loving. You Live on through Your Family and Friends.
Always Giving to Others.
You are an Angel with God Now.
You Live in Our Hearts Forever.


Those who knew Tara knew how she lived her life. She loved her family with all she had. Colin and Nora were blessed, although she was only here for a short time, her love transends. Her smile was so bright, because her two babies gave her such happiness. Her laugh was so joyful, because her husband made her laugh every day. Tara's legacy is to live life to its fullest. Never look around the corner. Look at your blessings here and now and hold on to them!

JR Estrada


I am sitting here in Virginia so close to where the plane struck the Pentagon and here I am two years later. Listening to the television and at 8:43 as I was dropping off my little girl to daycare I hugged her a little longer this morning. I shed tears and remembered my friend Tara, I miss your smile and when I think of you it is like seeing the bright sun coming up over the horizon.

I thank God for allowing me to have grown up with you and attending the same school. I can only think of the times when soccer and football season came around and we joked around often, and how you always had a HUGE smile. I pray for your family, your husband and your children may God Bless them, I know that they know that when they see that bright light in the sky each day and we call it the sun. I know those that had the honor and privledge to have known you we all know that the brightness is just you smiling down on us.

God Bless and I Miss You !!


I heard your name when 9/11 happened and today almost 2 years after- I still think about everyone who was killed during these attacks...
You will never be forgotton and I will forever keep you and all your family and friends in my prayers.


I did not know Tara, but have a wife and two small children. My heart goes out to her family and friends.

A small poem of remembrance!

How Still My Heart Beats

How still my heart beats
For my love has passed
Memories of Love, Happiness, and Life
A journey I now begin.

Together in Life we once were
A Breath of air so precious
Apart I will need to be stronger
My Love from above to the light the way.

You will always be in my mind
A joy I share forever
Until, I'm with you again
How still my heart beats.

Tina Keene

Tara- although a year has passed, I am still waiting for you to turn the corner at work. There are so many memories that I hold deep in my heart and they are what helps me get through the days at TJX. I will never forget you.
Your friend, Tina Keene


My thoughts and Prayers are with you and your family

Tammy Warner

My thoughts and prayers are always with Tara and her precious family.Love is never lost, mearly held in our hearts until we all meet again.

Jason Stone/Phoenix, AZ

I don't know if anybody will ever read this. I didn't know anybody who died on Sept. 11, but the name Tara Creamer has followed me around since then. I first noticed the name because my girlfriend is named Tara. I kept seeing the name scroll up the lists on the screens at the U2 concerts I saw in the fall. Then I saw her name in a newspaper story about DNA testing. The name then appeared again in the first page I opened in a Sept. 11 book today. I decided to read about her and it breaks my heart. To her family, please know that people who didn't even know her are affected by this, even across the other side of the country. Let's not let this happen again!!! PEACE!

Jim Shea

Tara, you will alway be in my prayers and thoughts. Till we meet again, Love You, Dad

Jim Shea

Tara, you will alway be in my prayers and thoughts. Till we meet again, Love You, Dad