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Rev. Mychal Judge
World Trade Center, New York City, NY

New York Fire Department Chaplain

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karen percy

Fr. Judge, AS I read about peoples actions of resucue that horrible day almost three years ago, I still remember you. In one of the books you had given a sermon on how we all have our jobs to do from our Heavenly Father and your most important job that day even though it ended your earthy missions was to lead all the souls who perished through this awful act to Heaven, I am sure you were there with a big smile on your face telling all welcome to Our Heavenly home with Jesus, Mary and all the saints waiting at the end to embace all into the loving hands of God.
I will always remember you in my prayers and mass intentions. Rest well Father Judge your job is now conculed here on earth.

Joseph Lynn

I felt three words was just to little,
to Father Judge, his memory has helped restore me and so many with a renewed faith in good and hope. you gave your life so one my reach God.

For Father Judge

Sr. M. Renate OSF

A true son of our holy father St Francis, and an instrument of the true peace that only flows from the Fathers throne, a peace that the world cannot give.
The seeds of love are only sown in the hearts of those who truly seek too pardon the injury inflicted upon them. In so doing are indeed born into erternal life.

The Lord give you peace.

Don Crisostomo

May there be an end to
hate crimes
suicide bombings
and senseless bloodshed.

May the memory of Father Judge live in all of us in a sense of compassion, peace and kindness. For these are the virtues that marked Father Judge as a priest, firefighter, and bodhisattva of compassion.

May your spirit continue to teach us what it good in life.


Kim Molke (Harnek) "82

I am a graduate of St. Bonaventure University. I had never heard of Fr. Mychal Judge until 9/11. I heard many stories of how he touched so many lives and thought that he must have been a special man. After all, he was a Franciscan. But, when I received my Bonalumnus paper the following month, I found out that he was a graduate of my college. My Alma Mater already had a special place in my heart, but never was I more proud of being a St. Bonaventure graduate than at that moment. I pray Fr. Mychal's prayer and know that he is serving our Lord in that wonderful Franciscan way. It only takes a small gesture to make a difference. He made that difference. May God bless all firefighters everywhere!

Patricia Ann Theresa Connolly

Meeting Father Mychal By Means of the Pieta

Contemplatively and lovingly, I look at the small-scaled replica of the Pieta in my room. It is a tender, reverent, and an awe-inspiring moment. The grief-stricken Blessed Mother, in a seated position, is holding on her lap the dead body of her Beloved Son, Jesus. However, now there is an added dimension to the perspective. No longer can I gaze at this replication without visualizing Father Mychal Judge, OFM, and the other wonderful people who were sacrificial victims of the World Trade Center bombing that took place on September 11, 201. Presently, an image emerges. Father Mychal -- a Franciscan Friar and Chaplain for the New York City Fire Department -- is being respectfully and lovingly carried from the disaster rubble to a nearby church to be placed on its altar. How touching this must be to the heart of the Blessed Mother! Just as Mary held her Beloved Son in her arms, shed tears, and mourned his death, she now does the same for you and others.

The World Trade Center was absolutely a shocking, heartbreaking, and devastating tragedy. Yet, int its midst, individuals arose whose bravery was exceptionally extraordinary and, of whom, Americans will never have an opportunity to meet and know now. Each one of them was and is a special child of GOd. Eternal Rest grant to them, O Lord!

While New York City mourns your death and that of countless other magnificent people, may the Holy Family and the whole court of heaven hold them in the palm of their celestial being. As an adolescent, you decided to enter the Franciscan Order and dedicate your life to serving the Lord, and your death was no exception. Evidently, Our Lord found a way in which he wanted your passing to be a continuation of that life you so truly loved and to mirror it in some fashion after his own life. Therefore, he found a way for you to accomplish it -- by helping people in a courageous way, administering the sacraments, and praying with them. Also, in the midst of your own end, you were embraced by compassionate and loving people who performed heroic acts of charity. THe firemen, for instance, lovingly brought your body to repose on the altar in the sanctuary of a nearby church so that you could be caressed and cuddled by your Heavenly Mother. God loved you in life, and he surely loved you in death!

Fittingly, you answere God's call pertaining to the Prayer of Saint Francis: O Divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled, as to console; to be understood, as to understand; to be loved, as to love; for it is in giving that we receive; it is in pardoning that we are pardoned, and it is in dying that we are born to eternal life.

Thank you for all you have given us. Peace and love to you, Father Mychal!

Patricia Ann Theresa Connolly
A friend and Liturgical Minister
at Saint Francis of Assisi Church

Jacinta Fernandes O.S.B.

Mychal was a mentor and friend, who inspired me and encouraged me in my ministry with the poor. He was truly a man of peace, who lived the gospel message of love. His was a life of simplicity, joy and service to those most in need. Thank you Mychal for challenging me to live the gospel; thank you for your loving example.
You will always be in my heart and I will always be grateful for having known you!

shannon o'neal,hannah and ellie haugen

Dear God,
I want to thank you for giving
the rescue workers strength and
courage to retrieve the bodies out
of the rubble at the WTC. I especially pray and give thanks to the rescuers who carried out Father Mychal and brought him to a place of worship. I beleive it was a comfort to his spirit as he rose to heaven. I pray that will you relieve the sad, horrific imagese these rescuers must have embeded in their minds. I pray for their families, that they will be understanding and supportive with whatever emotions they must be feeling and I pray for their communities, that they will provide them with a tremendous amount of love and support to keep them mentally and physically healthy. Thank you God for gifts you gave us through Father Mychal; a strong faith and a deep love for God. Amen