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Christopher Santora
World Trade Center, New York City, NY
Employer: New York Fire Department

Age: 23

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Athena Angelopoulos

I have the most fondest memories of Chris when he had worked with my Mom in the H.A.N.A.C. program at P.S.2. Everyday in fifth grade, I use to look forward to finishing school just to hang out with him and do my homework. He treated me like his little sister, and I felt as if he was my older brother. I remember the first day he came in, everybody was talking about wrestling. He was so convinced that The Rock, a WWF wrestler, was the best. From then on everybody in the class called him Jabroni, and he called everyone Jabroni as well. It was great, we were able to tease him about anything and he cracked jokes on us, and we were all cool about it. When I had heard about his loss, I was completely devistated. It was so unreal and I just did not want to believe it. I still don't want to beleive it... But I know Chris is up in Heaven now, and he is God's Jabroni ='o). Every day on my way home from school, I pass by St. Micheals and I just think, "I can't wait to play kickball with you up in the clouds.." and each time I know he hears me. I know for sure he hears me because he gives me signs... I always envyed him for his beautiful black mustang with the little tigger puppet on the windshield heh and I love mustangs, so whenever I think about him... I end up seeing a mustang and I know he heard my thoughts. Also a certain song reminds me of him, The Calling- Wherever You Will Go. Everytime, no exageration, whenever I am listening to the radio or I am walking in the street... when I think of him I end up hearing the song either blasting out of a car or playing on the radio. It is also odd for that to happen now since the song is kind of old and it was not a really big hit heh, so it's just simply... wow just undescribable when it happens! Chris was and will always be my #1 Jabroni, and I can't wait to see him again in Heaven. Lots of love. -Athena Angelopoulos aka Lil Jabroni