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Jeremy Glick
United Airlines Flight 93

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Mildred Casanova

Our families may have crossed each other at the market or on the road. We live one town over (Ringwood). Today on your 2nd anniversary I want to say Thank You for being a hero. You will always be remembered as a hero. Today, we pray for your wife and daughter for their safety and the will to go on with the beautiful things that you left behind for them. Ms. Glick...may God be with you today and always and remember....you will see Jeremy again when Jesus comes with all his glory...just ask...have faith and you will be with him again.

The Casanovas
Jose, Millie, Kelly & Andrew
Ringwood, New Jersey


18 months later and I think of all those people who were killed in the attacks daily. Today I pray for your soul,your family and loved ones as well as the well-being of this Country. You "fought the good fight" on Flight 93 and you're legacy is an inspiration.

Laura Sand

I never really knew Jeremy, but we I used to see him in the hallway of the Berkeley college. My thoughts and prayers are forever eternal...
Hope this brings some comfort to you
knowing you're not alone...

Barbara Monaco

I never met Jeremy, my daughter Gina
worked with his brother at Ramapoo
Country Day. Wishing everyone a peaceful life.

Don Beier

May God Bless Jeremy Glick, American hero, and his family.
You will be forever, a symbol of patriotism, and a true American hero.

Allison Ahrens

Though I have never met Jeremy Glick, I will always keep his family in my heart. My husband has been fortunate to work with Jeremy's brother, Jared. Jeremy will always be a hero to my family and we will teach our children about what he (and everyone aboard Flight 93) did in the final moments of that flight.
They will all be heros in our eyes!
God Bless all of the families dealing with loss during this tragic time!

Ian Klein


We never met, but at one time, we worked for the same company.

Thank you for what you did... you are a true hero.

We will never forget you.



Thanks for saving so many lifes in Washington.
You are a true hero.

Dianne Dorsey

Thank you for being a hero.