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Todd Beamer
United Airlines Flight 93

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gwenda nelson

I have read your book and also sent copies to family who have had a crises in their lives. I pray that as the years go by your lives are rich with memories and wonderful thoughts of good times gone by. Thinking of you and your family often.


Just a note to let you know that almost 5 years later.......we still remember. Your family and the others are in our hearts and prayers and we think of you, your children, your hero, and the incredible ways you have kept Todd alive. You are a hero as well! God Bless you!


We will never forget this sacrifice. A true hero.

Ashley Blue

Lisa,I have been thinking alot about you and your family today on this anniversary of Sep 11th 2001. You and your family are in my prayers. I hope I can help raise more money for your foundation. I just want you to know I have such respect for you. I think your such a strong and compassionate women. God Bless you


I have never met Todd, but I honestly feel that tis man was very strong and courageous. I can also tell that his wife, Lisa is the same way. God bless you Todd and Lisa and your family. You are truly unique people who have both given so much.


I've read the book: Let's Roll several times thinking something new everytime. I enjoy the book so much and I know Todd Beamer is my hero! I wish there were more people like him. Thank God for a man like him.


The word hero was truly and understatement in this story. Todd Beamer, even though i never met him or knew him, is my hero..Im 14 on sept 11, i almost lost my mother, my cousin and my father all in the same day. I couldve never imagined that such a heroic person who give his life to save so many others.If todd beamer was still with us. All i would want to do is hug him..and thank him, for his heroism. He is truly a hero..

Austin G. Morrow

"Let's Roll"

It was not like anything ever seen before
One, two, three,... and then four
Aluminum Birds heading to their nests in the sky
Could it be real? --and what are the reasons why?

As the fear began to rise, the nests began to fall
There will never be a complete description of it all
For how can you ever come to know
The horrors from windows go?

As dreams flew apart in their fate
Will we be overcome, and think it's too late?
Quite the opposite is true in his battle cry
Instinct told him, "We've got to try!"

The acts they did,--the ultimate they gave
To untangle the lives that were stole
Though it was a long shot to try and save
It was mutual when he said, "Let's roll!"

It was this way,--that way, --up and down
There wasn't much time left they found
To stop the evil from their target goal
Strong were his words,--"Let's roll!"

And Roll They Did.......

Austin G. Morrow
340 N.M. 88
Portales, NM 88130
Ph. (505) 276-8341
e-mail: austin@yucca.net

Mike Schultz

My father died flying in B-24 in WWII. He left behind a widow with three children. I'm 63 years old now and I have always held my father in such high regard as a true hero for answering the call to protect freedom and the lives of his family and country. He is of the generation before me. The story of Todd Beamer has renewed my faith in the constitutional courage of the generation after me. He is a true hero; as are all those who fought at his side. I hope his inspiration will fuel the resolve and character development of the generation after him. We're all fortunate to have Todd and his fellow battlers as countrymen. God bless him, them, theirs, and us.

kelly owens

hi i found this site while i was searching for info. on Todd Beamer(r.i.p.) i heard the story of what he did on the news after the sept. 11th tragedy and i am in boca ciega high school, of st.petersburg, fl. and am in the jrotc program. my colonel gave us a topic, that we have to do a speech on some event or heroe in our countries history.my heroe was todd beamer. i am very devoted to our country and the courage that he had was ery inspiring to me and is definately and impact on my life. so to his family/friends or anyone who may be reading this. remember how much of a hero he is, along with the others who with him took down that plane because if it wouldnt have been for their bravery you can only imagine what could have happened.