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Sandra Bradshaw
United Airlines Flight 93

Greensboro, NC 
Age: 38
Flight Attendant

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For weeks I have been at a loss for what to say and to whom I should say it to. A couple weeks ago I saw an MSNBC program called the heroes of flight 93, and on that program among the many heroes on the flight there was one picture that stood out in my mind, and that was of Sandra Bradshaw. For some reason when her picture was shown in the program it felt like I knew her, that I was connected to her. Since, seeing that show I can't seem to get the picture of her out of my mind. There are times during the day when that picture pops into my head and tears and this feeling of helplessness come across me. I can't explain what it is that made me connected to Sandra, but forever I will remember that picture.
As Americans we all are horrified by what happened on September 11th, but now that I know what some of those people on Flight 93 look like, I can't help but feel even worst about everything.
I just wish to send out my thoughts with the the family of Sandra Bradshaw and all other who lost someone in the tragedy. Thank you for allowing us as a nation to see what your heroes look like, because a face is always harder to forget and I know no matter what those faces of flight 93 and surley Sandra Bradshaw's will remian constant in my mind.