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Suzanne Passaro
World Trade Center, New York City, NY
Employer: Aon Corp.

East Brunswick, NJ 
Age: 42

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Lissette Rodriguez

Suzanne: We sat right next to each other for several years. I remember you saying to me how much you loved your dad and how much you worried about him passing on. I remember you making the time to have those special dinners with him. Yes, you loved your cat Matt too!! You always spoke about improving things in your life and prior to that year you succeeded in many things you wanted!! I'm proud of you for that! Still thinking of you. Lissette

Kim Kittell

Suzanne,I remember when I first met you in ceramics class.

I remembered what a bright fun loving person you were.And how much you loved life,your family and friends and of course your cat.

I remembered all the funny stories you told us in class about when you and Irene grew up in your parents house in Brooklyn.I think the dining room chair and the falling down the stairs into the ping pong table were my favorites.

And how you would tell us by the time you get downstairs your lunchtime was over.I remembered how hard we all laughed that night and other nights as well.

Thank you for all of those wonderful memories,and sharing that part of your life with us.

You have such a beautiful family,and I could always sence the closness between all of you.

I know you family must be as devastated as we are,knowing this tradegy was bestowed upon you.
I still can't even believe it myself and am still trying to make sence of it 1 year later.

I hope you find peace,in your life now,I hoped you last thoughts were happy ones,because you truly were a beautiful person,and should not recieved anything less.

I hope you can teach us to find peace within ourselves and helps us make sence of all of this,please help your family,give them peace and strength and help them get though all of this,because I know how much they truly loved you.

You will be sadly missed,but never forgotten.

Thank you again for all the great memories.
May God Bless you,and keep you and your family in his care always.