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Michael J. Jr. Pascuma
World Trade Center, New York City, NY
Employer: Harvey Young Yurman Inc.

Massapequa Park, NY 
Age: 50
Stock Broker

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Andrew Matlach

You will always be missed. This day is etched into all of our memories as you are etched into my memory as a great and generous man. Thanks for always being a helping friendly hand. GOD BLESS YOU.

Andrew Matlach

Although I only knew you for 2 years while working at the AMEX, you were always very kind, generous and willing to give me advice. I've moved on from that business in Manhattan, but I will NEVER forget you. Everytime I see a ROLO candy, it sparks my memory of how you always used to give them to me at my post. I pray for you & your wonderful family with what they are going through with the loss of you. GOD BLESS YOU UP IN HEAVEN.

annmarie stampfl

uncle michael I can not believe that it has been 7 years since I last saw you. It's amazing how for certain things time flies and then with other things it's almost like it is standing still. I miss you so much, I really do. Things just aren't the same with out you here, you were the glue that held us all together. I know you are here with us all the time, but it's not the same thing. I think about you all the time; and I know my dad does too, he misses you so much. Uncle Michael I will always love and miss you and never ever forget you.

Anthony J. Pascuma

Michael and Family,
Although we have never been close; we are family. I'm very sorry for the loss that you experienced, I was at the Pentagon in the US NAVY when the attacks occurred. We lost 7 people in my office and in the following days I found out about Micheal. 9/11 was felt by Pascuma's all over the country!!
My father was Thomas Pascuma and my Grandfather was Anthony J. Pascuma. I left the Pentagon and 2 weeks later my Strike Cell was responsible for sending the first Strike Aircraft and Tomahawk Missiles against the Taliban and Al Qaeda in Afghanistan. I spent two years in the Middle East working both OEF and OIF and not a minute passed that I didnt believe I had a cause to defend my PASCUMA Family and Name as an American.
I currently work at USCENTCOM in Tampa Fl where I continue to support the Global War on Terrorism and I will never forget the ultimate price both Michael and our family have payed..nor will I ever cease in my support to finding UBL and the planners of 9/11.

Anthony Joseph Pascuma
HM 813-684-6882
WK 813-827-1322

Michael Pascuma


Four years have come and gone though it feels like yesterday. The hurt still hasn't gone away, we are just trying to learn to live with it. But I don't want to. I would give anything to change things and for things to be how they should. You should be able to see and play with your first of many grandchildren to come, Madison Michael. On these beautiful days, while that day slips everyone's mind, I'm thinking of how something so bad could happen on such a beautiful day 4 years ago. I think of how we should be on the golf course together. I miss you so much and everyone that I see tells me the same. So many people have introduced themselves to me letting me know what a great guy you were and how much you meant to them. I love and miss you so much and will never stop thinking about all the memories we shared. :-(

susana pascuma-chavez

Michael J Pascuma-
It's been 4 long sad years. But you are still alive in our hearts and minds. We will not let the world forget you or anyone else lost. God bless you and all of us left behind. We think of you everyday.

susana pascuma-chavez

I pray for my family eveyday But on this day I always say a very special pray for my cousin Michael Pascuma Jr.His wife,children and parents.
We will never forget today or any day
the lose our family has suffered and so many other families have had to endore.
It warms my heart to know you are in a better place now.And possibley playing the best game of golf ever.
But no matter how sweet it is for you, we all still have a void in our hearts without you.
Everyone who knew you knew how blessed their lives were for encountering you.

Robert Maltempo

I grew up across the street from Michael in Richmond Hill. I moved away when I was twelve years old but have wonderful memories of him and his family. I remember playing in his celler with the best toys I had ever seen in my life...miniature metal construction vehicles like bull dozers, cranes and stuff like that. I remember playing ring-a-leevio at PS 66 with him and all of our friends, until dusk, seemingly every night. I remember his family taking me with them to a NY Rangers game in Manhattan, then going to a steakhouse where Michael's dad helped me cut my steak. I remember his family taking me to a park, where Mike's dad took him and me out in a row boat. I remember his dad singing "Michael Row the Boat to Shore" while Michael struggled with the oars. I remember a family dinner I had with Mike's family and one very funny moment that had my parents laughing hard when I got back across the street into my home...while sitting at the dinner table in Mike's home, everyone was passing around the bowls of food. Mrs. Pascuma offered "giblets" to me. I new what CORN was and I have always loved corn, but even though the giblets LOOKED like corn, I couldn't be sure it was. So, I politely declined the giblets and later, back at home, asked my parents what giblets were. I was so mad that I turned down something I really liked.

One day, months after the World Trade Center collapse, i was reading Newsday. As usual, names of people who perished in the attack were being printed each day, as they were identified. I never, until that day, had the desire to actually read the names. That one day, I did. And I came across Michael's name. My God, I thought, that was him. I was at work at the time but I brought every phone book from the five boroughs into my office and began checking out the last name of Pascuma, starting with Queens. I found one that oddly didn't have an address. I gathered the courage to call and spoke to an elderly woman who turned out to be Michael's mother. She confirmed that I had the right phone number...Mike was the one who lived across the street from me and had also perished in the attack. She said she thought she remembered me living across the street in Richmond Hill. I offered by condolences and said goodbye. Shortly afterward, I visited the block where I grew up, thinking about a lot of things. And one of them was Michael's family, who will always remain close to my heart. My deepest belated condolences to his family.

Patricia H. Fennelly

To Mike's family: As a parishioner at St Rose of Lima, we placed a name plate on the "Tree of Life" for our brother, Robert J. Caufield, who was an electrician working on the 95th floor of Tower I. I noticed Mike's name there, also. Everytime I enter Church, I immediately go to the "Tree" and say "hello" to my brother and Mike, while asking God to continue to comfort his family.
Sincerely, Pat