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Yuguag Zheng
American Airlines Flight 77

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Zhang Mu-Bai

Yuguang. I want to thank you for the years of teaching and love you bestowed upon me. Even though you didn't approve of my marriage, or my lifestyle, you still loved me and supported me as much as you could. When I heard of your death, I couldn't believe it. Without your support, I thought I would just dissapear. But that did not happen. When you died, your support flowed into others. You always had that way, of making people think the way you do. And I am still alive and well. I miss you father.

Gloria Morin

I have no idea as to what your religious expression was or even if you professed to believe in God, but
I've chosen to pray for your immortal soul for a reason unknown to myself.
So I will pray for you in the way I know, as a child, asking her Father to
take good care of you. May you know His gentle touch and forgiving ways and May He forever hold you in the palm of His hands. May God Bless you and have mercy on your soul.