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Roland Pacheco
World Trade Center, New York City, NY
Employer: Alliance Consulting

Brooklyn, NY 
Age: 25
Administrative Assistant

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I remember when you said you were no longer going to work at Erisko and decided to take the job at the World Trade - I hated to see you go because you were a nice person to have around. You always talked about Annie and the children - I know that you used to do Annie and her daughter's hair. I thought that was the sweetest thing. I think of you often wondering if we would still be in touch after all this time - good friends are sure hard to come by.

Annie Guerrero

Hi Sweetie,
I can still remember your face the morning of 9/11 when we said what we didn't know were our last goodbye. I want you to know that Ryan is becoming the perfect little man and that he couldn't remind me more of you. Johanna is a good girl she prays to you often, please comfort her as much as you can. I know now that maybe you are where you needed to be. That you were extra special and that you must be in your glory. We miss you a great deal and think of you often. Your love is my love.

Yesenia Gonzalez

Not a day go by knowing that you are miss everyday. I know that you are with the angels smiling down at us.Your jokes and your wisdom miss alot and the jokes you say but you see we see those things in your son. Not a day go by missing you smile and your dancing on special occasion. we miss you dearly. Your birthday is coming up but we always say a prayer and wish you a Happy Birthday. We miss you and love you.