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Dennis Oberg
World Trade Center, New York City, NY
Employer: New York Fire Department


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alison jarreau

to the family of dennis oberg,

please know that i cant begin to express my gratitude for dennis' ulimate scarifice. i was married to a fireman on 9.11 and we all know that they dont hesitate at entering danger when all else leave. i live every day with toughts of the famalies that have to live with an empty space at the dinner table evey night and am at a loss for words of sympathy.
i wear a memorial braclet with dennis oberg
on it, in his memory and with prayers for you in my heart.
Thank you and God Bless America!

Catherine "nina" Kaufman

I was just thinking about Dennis and I came across this web site. Dennis and I went to Geneseo together and we were RA's in Monroe Hall together. He was a wonderful and loving friend and even though time goes by I never stop missing him or praying for his family.

jackie jones manigault

Hello Dorothy and Dennis, Dorothy I worked withyou in 1966 at Bankers Trust Company on Wall St. I hope you remember me. I am so so sorry about your Son. I also lost my cousin Capt Vernon Richard. God Bless you and Dennis always. I will never forget you. Love Jackie