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Mari-Rae Sopper
American Airlines Flight 77

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David Kornaus

I didn't know about Mari-Roe Sopper until I attented the Santa Barbara 9/11/2010 Remembrance on the beach with the ~3,000 US Flags. This was close to the SB Pier (tourist and residents area from where you can see any Navy ships that stop here temporarily; she was Navy.

After I attended the morning Remembrance opening ("Amazing Grace"), I looked on the computer to see if there were any "Santa Barbara" 9/11 casualties I could relat to here and I found her. I looked at her Memorial Site with her info.

I went back later for the ending of the remembrance where Taps was played and then was one of the volunteers to pick up the flags.

I moved to Santa Barbara in May 2001. I've since learned Mari-Rae had served in the Pentegon which was groundbroke on 9/11/1941. I had taken the Pentegon Tour in 1990 during Desert Shield and visited the Navy Memorial.

I do pray and remember her now. I was born on Good Friday, with everlasting hope.

Kai Bergheer

To all the loved ones and friends of Mari-Rae: Sorry it has taken me so long to send my dedication. I was the next coach hired after Mari-Rae. I went to coach the Novice Crew Teams at UCSB. I left for Santa Barbara and then 9-11. Very hard for me to coach the " kids ". My Dad was a hostage during the "Desert Storm ". He was a prisoner for four months. The gals were so proud to have Mari-Rae as their coach. I hoped the kids thought of me as a fine coach and role model. I just had too much pain to deal with.
I, also was a 1985 graduate of UCSB. I miss the opportunity to be a part of such a great University. God Bless all of you. Kai.

Andrea Forrest

I was heartbroken to see Mari-Rae's name posted as one of the many victims of the horrific events of September 11th. I did not know her well. I was a Career Counselor at the University of Denver College of Law when Mari-Rae was a student there. I will always remember our conversations, not only about the job search process, but about gymnastics, as I had been a gymnast like she had been. My heartfelt thoughts and prayers are with Mari-Rae's family and friends. May God bless them and help them through this terrible loss.