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Manika Narula
World Trade Center, New York City, NY
Employer: Cantor Fitzgerald

Kings Park, NY 
Age: 22

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It's been years since you've left this earth, but it still seems like yesterday when I met you at Stony Brook.

Your beauty was both inside and out. You were a genuine, kind and warm person who was good to everyone she met.

If there were a wish I'd have it would be to bring you back so you could have the chance you deserve to life your life out and so we could've spent more time together.

I don't understand why you've been taken from us so young, but I pray that you are at peace and no one forgets your smiling face.

Your friend,

Amit Tandon

Mona...sometimes in life, certain people come into our lives who have the ability to leave the kind of impact that remains forever. You my love are that very person for me. There has not been a single day that has gone by since you left me, that I don't think about you and miss u. You really were too good to be true sweetheart. There will never ever be anyone like you. You will forever remain my "actress", and better then being a star in bollywood, u will be a star that will always light my life. I will fulfill ur dream...our dreams...and will carry u with me every step of the way. "TU MERI ZINDAGI HAI...TU MERI HAR KHUSHI HAI". I love you and will always cherish u in my heart.

Tera Apna

Nusrat Hathiari

There has not been a day in the past year since you have gone, that I have not thought about you. It is not as painful to think about you now as it was at first. So many things in my daily life remind me of you. A song, someone's laughter, the irritating throat thing that I always told you not to do. I miss you, and I have cried and laughed and prayed that wherever you are you are happy. Miss you loads Mona, and hope to see you one day. Love you always - Nusu