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Berry Berenson
American Airlines Flight 11

Los Angeles 
Age: 53
Actress And Photographer

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Reggie Vandenburgh

I was Berry's hair stylist for a number of years at the West End Salon in Provincetown, Cape Cod, Mass. She was gracious, warm and had a glow that warmed any room she entered. She was surrounded by aristocracy, wealth and fame her entire life, and yet none of those things impressed her.

Berry stopped into the salon to make an appointment a few days before 9/11 with my coffee in one hand, as always. (she always went to the coffee shop across the street from the salon when she came in) She told me about her upcoming trip to LA, and how proud she was of her boys. Had I known what events were to unfold, that final goodbye hug would have been much tighter and longer.

I miss your smile, that infectious laugh and that sparkle in those beautiful eyes, Berry, and I will until the day I die.

Will M

I thought of Berry today, the ninth anniversary of 9/11. I will never forget you, Berry, and the summer nights we spent with Tony and the kids at the Wellfleet Drive-In on Cape Cod. That was a long time ago but you have always been in my thoughts and now, in my prayers.

jennifer Lee Pryor

I lived with Berry in the early 70's in NYC in Yorkville; she was fun to be around, always supportive and endlessly chic! Berry would lend clothes and advice freely.We performed together at Alice TUlly Hall for the COty Awards celebrating Halson: singing a C&W song I had written in honor of Halson. We were so nervous we had to drink Southern COmfort to calm our nerves! We rocked the house in our Halson dresses!
Berry followed her dreams and like a pied piper, always had a stream of good friends around her. She had a healing quality and a wicked sense of humor. Hard to believe you are not on this earth...but you will never be forgotten dear friend!
Jennifer Lee Pryor


I thought of this lady today and said a prayer in her memory. May she rest in peace. 9/11/10

Ashton Fox

I never knew Berry Berenson, I was only 7 when 9/11 happened, I'm 15 now, soon to be 16, and I can say openly, she is my hero. I want to be just like her, from what I hear, she was an angel on this Earth while she was here. I know she was a very kind woman and saved Tony's soul. You were a great woman Berry, I hope to meet you on the other side one day. Much Love

Ashton Nicole


i never met Berry, but knew she was married to Anthony Perkins. never heard a bad thing about either one of them, both good people. now theyre together again and are looking down on us. just hope both Oz and Elvis know that theyre parents are very proud of them and love them very much and will always be with them.
RIP Berry.

Maria R. Rodriguez

I have been thinking lately about Berry Berenson, and I saw somewhere that she had been killed in the 9/ll tragedy. I just wanted to say that I will pray for her soul and for all of the souls on that fateful day; the anniversary is coming soon. Anyway, I did not know her, but I knew of her, her photography, and of her marriage to Anthony. I pray that their sons, Elvis and Osgood are well, too. Sweet Jesus, and Mary Mother of God, I pray for their souls. Amen.


I knew Berry through mutual friends. It was always a group of friends and their friends that met in NY, LA or Paris. We had the best of times. Berry will be remembered with love and admiration. She was truly a woman of substance and a loving wife and mother.

The one thing I remember about her was her beautiful smile and her contagious laughter.

My thoughts are with her family - sister Marisa and sons Osgood and Elvis.

John McCullough

In the late sixties and seventies my wife, Mitzi and I ran a boutique commercial/business/sales film company called "Film Factory" with residence/studio at 1087 2nd Ave. in NYC. One day a beautiful young lady with a British accent knocked on our second floor triple locked door and announce that she had taken the "flat" above us, understood that we were photographers and asked for some help setting up her still photo studio in her "flat." We did so, noting she used an expensive but amateurish camera and suggested she learn how to use a professional version but she smilingly demurred.
We showed her how to connect her strobe lights, diffuse them and suggested various other tips we had learned when still photographers before becoming cinematographers.
We were waiting for jobs to come in while Berry had a parade of celebs tramping upstairs constantly. She had parties in her "flat" often and inebriated celebs would leave noisily to hail cabs on 2nd Ave. Once, someone up there tipped over the pitcher of Sangria up there and it poured out of our plaster ceiling in this old converted brownstone.
Berry came down and apologized in her wonderfully engaging way and who could not forgive? She moved out when she married Tony but would spot me sometimes in the Chelsea area and would yell from s the street "oo hoo John, come see the baby." I would do so with Tony smiling at my kitchy koos.
No prayers for the dead, but I will curse the god of those who killed her as long as I live.
Mecca delenda est!

kathy montgomery

I never knew Berry but always loved her and Tony Perkins. She was the quintessential earth mother, not to mention avante guard, chic, loving, and possessing the the world's most beautiful, golden aura.

Kim Amadri

Your boy's are Beautiful & Talented.

You loved my children..

Welcomed me into your life as if I was your oldest friend.

The warmth of you will stay with me always.

-Kim Amadril


Berry you were a beautiful woman.

Adaria Armstrong

I remember Berry as being one of the most shiny warm hearted loving and funny people whom I had met. I met her on Frenchman's beach in Jamaica in the winter of 97. I was renting a home there in Treasure Beach for a month to research part of my master's thesis on reggae.

She and I struck up a conversation. I think she saw the shiny person in me that I saw in her and we laughed and talked for hours that day. Over the years as my family bought land and built a home of our own in the area, I would see Berry and renew our budding friendship.

I was in Jamaica for two weeks before 9/11 and she was there as well, and I hadn't seen her in almost two years.

During that trip, I kept telling myself, go see Berry, go see Berry, why haven't you stopped in on Berry and given her a hug yet, go freaking see Berry already, and finally said to myself, next time, I'll see her next time. That feeling of needing and wanting to see her on that particular trip was so very strong, and I didn't get to for whatever reason.

I flew to NJ to be with my family for a little while before flying to California on my normal flight from Newark to San Francisco the Tuesday before 9/11.

It could have been me, but it wasn't, and so I offer to Berry: Here's your huge squishy hug, dear woman and a sloppy wet kiss too! I'm keeping life shiny for you, for me, for us all! We love you and miss you in TB very much!
Love, Adaria

Pamella Berry

As a young girl I was fortunate enough to have lunch with Elsa Schiaparelli, Berry's grandmother, at Maxim's in Paris twice in one week. I, too, was enamoured with Tony Perkins because at the time I was in love with a London banker who could have been Tony's twin.
How cruel life can be that Berry's life was cut short in such a way.
God bless
Pamella Berry

Theresa Marchione

I only knew Ms. Berenson through her photography, which I admired very much.
Her unique work will keep her alive in our eyes and hearts forever.

Susan Hartzler

Berry Berenson Perkins was one of my best friends for more than 20 years. I miss her every single day. She was the most generous, gracious and loving person on earth. The last time I saw her was in LA right before July 4th, 2001. I was going to visit children at County USC Hospital where I take my dog for pet therapy. She asked if she could come with me and what the children needed. I told her they needed art supplies and when I picked her up at her hotel that morning, she had bags and bags of everything a child could want in the way of art supplies. She was like that. Always caring and thinking of others and making her statement in a grand manner! I wish she was here so I could tell her how much I love her and miss her.

dharles sinclair

When Berry first came into our tattoo shop, I couldn't pin her as to "who" she was - there was that unmistakeable air about her. Only when she asked if Tony could accompany her when she got her cherub on her left shoulder was I fully aware as to whom she was.
"Oh, I'm nobody," was her all-too-coy response when I called her on having denied any celebrity.
She was one of my favorite personalities to have ever crossed the threshold. The conversations that ensued were among the most memorable, and the energy and fun that came from this woman was something I will hold a precious forever.
She became a friend forever.


I feel so much emotion for Berry being gone. I was heartbroken when Tony passed. Now I believe they are together looking down and smiling on us

Paul Chesne

I played a song for you today on the beach.

Michelle Ahearn

Ever since the first day I met Berry, she has been in my thoughts. She was such a warm person, and had such an open heart. She had room for everyone. She made me feel special. It was always a great day when I saw her. She really is an inspiration to me, and I will always try to be as positive as she was. Loosing Berry is like loosing 1000 dear friends all in one. I can only hope I can find someone who is as wonderful as she was.


Berry had this way of always making everything seem alright.She had this way about her that made you love her.You had to.She was an incredible women.
When people ask me what she did.I tell them everything.She went everywhere did everything and met everyone.She was in everyway the kind of person I would want to be.I love her with all of my heart and miss her everyday and I can't help but feel that the world is a little bit empty without her presence.


My thoughts are and have been with the 2 Perkins brothers. I hope they are managing as well as can be exp[ected.


Berry was one of the brightest lights of this world. When in her company it would be hard to feel anything but the goodness that existed in her. We spoke many times about our children, she always said that "her boys" were her greatest accomplishment. I can't help but think the world is a darker place without her. I will miss her always.


Today we had a prayer service at the school that I work at and we prayed for all of the victims of the 9/11 tragedy. I had Berry's name. I just wanted to let you know that I thought and prayed for her and all of her loved ones.

Lee Barnett

I knew Berry and Tony when they lived in NYC in Chelsea. I visited them at home, many times. I've told people that to my knowledge I had the high score on Tony's pinball machine.

She was vivacious and warm. I hadn't seen her for a long time but I've thought of them both often.

I will miss her smile and her laugh.

She lives in my heart!

Mark Harrison

I have run a fan page on the late Anthony Perkins for several years now, and was deeply saddened by the terrible terrorist acts of September 11, 2001. Instead of typing my entire tribute to Berry Berenson here, visit my non profit (no banners) web page at www.crookedmoon.com/anthonyperkins. There you will see a link to Berry's memorial page. Rest in peace, Berry.
-Mark Harrison-


I didn't know Berry, but she was a good friend of my nephew who lives on Cape Cod. I know she was a caring, giving person who thought that people mattered more than status or money. She certainly enriched the lives of my family members who knew her. I never met anyone who had a bad word to say about her in the community where she lived.


I remember when she married Anthony Perkins some 20 years or more. I had known who she was and was impressed with her choice of people to settle down with- I thought her a real person, someone born into priviledge but well acquainted with reality. I sensed considerable sadness upon learning of her death.
4 Nov 01