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Lynne Irene Morris
World Trade Center, New York City, NY
Employer: Cantor Fitzgerald

Monroe, NY 
Age: 22

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Nick Stranges

i was sad to come across this website this morning. what a horrible day 9-11 was. being an eyewitness to the attacks it still hurts to this day.
i knew lynne well and graduated in the same high school class as hers. during our post-graduation years i'd see her constantly out in monroe and we would always have great conversations. she and i were both working at the trade center back in '01 and would see eachother a lot.
if her family happens to come across this website i wanted to leave this message for them. i think about lynne and my friend james almost on a daily basis and it still hurts. although life goes on and we are all left hear to deal with the pain, the memory remains. i pray that you have found some peace in these horrific attacks and you embrace what lynne stood for. she was a wonderful person. god bless your family.
nick stranges