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Martin E. Mcwilliams
World Trade Center, New York City, NY
Employer: New York Fire Department

Kings Park, NY 
Age: 35

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Meaghan Perez

Knock Knock Martin,

Are you there? Can your spirit read through technology or can I just call on you any given moment through the day? I haven't given you enough time recently so i wanted to say hello. I can envision your facial expressions giving judgment and encouragement on all of the choices I've made this year. I wonder if you interact with divine souls that look after us. Or is that a place in a humans mind that gives us comfort. I'd like to believe their are souls who don't judge but give us a variety of chances to make better decisions. Do you miss me? Cause I miss you. Sometimes I wonder what words of wisdom would you share with me. What kind of hope could you and would you have shared if you were still here. I am sure you would empower me. As you do in my imagination. I love you and if there is anyway you can give me some words of wisdom, please, make it happen.


Your daughter,


marjorie phillips

thank you for all you sacrificed to do what you believed was the right thing to do your daughter and lisa miss you dearly and are always thinking of you watch over them lisa is such a great mother and sara is so special thank you for giving her the gift of life and your bright smile


Meaghan Perez

Dear Martin,
I miss you so much. It is Sep 11th 2005 and still I cry of the thought of such a Man you were gone. Mommy is aching. The phone still off the hook on this day. Sara is as happy as could be and understands about her fathers passing. I Prayed to God this morning and I know His place for you is wonderful. Comfort and peace will prevail in the day of Our Lord and may our family get stronger each year that passes. I miss you so much and nothing in my life has hurt me this much. I guess all I can do is be strong and if there is a day that we may see each other again in Spirit so be it.

Lisa & Sara McWilliams

Dear Mart,
I've got Sara picking apples and pumpkins for the 2nd year now,like we used to. I haven't got halloween down pat yet, at least not the way we used to celebrate it. I miss your apple pies. I'm trying to show Sara how to love life as you did. I'm trying to do the best I can. I'm trying not to fail you. I try not to cry. I'm trying. We are missing you, sending all our love
Lisa and Sara

Nikki Wittelsohn

3 years have passed and you will always be remembered and be a hero to America. We miss you. Nikki