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Kevin Mccarthy
World Trade Center, New York City, NY
Employer: Cantor Fitzgerald

Fairfield, CT 
Age: 42
Bond Trader

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Kathleen McCarthy Sullivan

Kevin, I know that in heaven you are making the angels laugh. I imagine that you are watching over your children and smiling down on all of us. A day does not go by without a smile or a tear when I think about the times we shared. One thing I do know is that whatever it is that God called you for is of greater importance! Keep them laughing till we meet again. I love you and miss you. Your big sister, Kathy

Dan Douglas

If you are watching this space, I see no one offered a prayer for you. So I am taking a moment to rectify that.
We miss you, I, your family, your friends, the people you saw every day as you went to work. Perhaps the train conductor who didn't see you again after 9/11. Or the guy on the corner who sold you the NY Times every day.
I often see myself coincidentally up in the towers where you were and I go over in my imagination what occurred and how it was for you who were actually there.
I am deeply sorry about what happened to you. Also angry and amazed that such a thing could have taken take place.
If by passivity, I had anything to do with it, I apologize to you.
I am equally sad that I never had a chance to meet and see you and experience the humanity that was taken from you.
For you, I shall make an extra effort in a small, personal way to try to prevent 9/11 from ever happening again.
Since it's love that will ultimately raise us above the terrors that we fear, here's to you, Kevin: I send you all my love from the Upper Westside of New York.
I'll be thinking of you, Kevin, and wishing you peace wherever you are.