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Marcello Matricciano
World Trade Center, New York City, NY
Employer: Cantor Fitzgerald

New York, NY 
Age: 31

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Terry Becerril

Marcello Matricciano: Letter To My Wife

For Rosie

A s always, the day was predictable
N othing out of the ordinary
D ear, except maybe the beauty of a prelude.

T ell me something, is not it a glorious morning?
H ummingbirds illuminating the skies and
E xtremity not in sight?

H ow, oh how I long to run home. To the
O rnaments of my life.
M y wife, my son, my family and friends.
E idolons oh eidolons to be.

O h, if only fate had been gentle and what
F ell from the skies was rain.

T o my wife, to my son, in your humble
H earts for eternity I'll be.
E den awaits me and by the sea I'll be free.

B e strong my beloved ones
R ise above sorrow
A nd the evilness of men. For God built a
V alhalla for my saviors and for my soul
E verlasting bliss.

By Terry Becerril,