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Patricia A. Massari
World Trade Center, New York City, NY

Glendale, NY 
Age: 25

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I can hardly believe that three years have passed. How they've gone by so fast, yet at the same time it feels like it's been an eternity. So much has changed and yet I wonder everyday what would and wouldn't have changed if you were still here with us. I miss you very much. I can't say it enough, how truly amazing you were. Your presence was always known and always welcome where ever you went. I miss your friendship. I find myself on some days feeling very lonely. I miss the talks we used to share, I know I'll never find a friend that could measure up to you. You were one of a kind. I'm just grateful, Thankful and fortunate that I was able to have you in my life. You made everyone around you a better person. When you were taken the best of most people went with you, including myself. I know I wasn't the same person and I wasn't as happy anymore. And I'm still feeling a void that just hasn't been filled. The sun doesn't feel as warm, the stars don't seem to twinkle as brightly. Laughing almost seems empty it's hard to explain but I know for myself, my world became just a little darker the day you were taken, You were the light that brightened all of our lives. And I pray that you are happy where ever you may be. You were in my dream a few weeks ago and you were beautiful, and smiling and so very happy. I can only imagine that's how you are now. it gives me comfort to know that you are in a safe place, a beautiful Angel in Heaven. I love you Trish and Miss you still... Forever in my heart..

Mom,Dad, Joseph & Janis

Dearest Trish,

We love you and miss you so very much. You live on in all of us. We honor you in all that we do. Smile that beautiful smile of yours and know that you are always forever in our hearts.

Love you forever,

Mom,Dad,Joseph & Janis