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Rodney Dickens
American Airlines Flight 77

Age: 11
Student At Leckie Elementary School In Washington

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Alynne Hoddinott

I believe in angels. I believe that, right now, you are an angel in heaven watching over us all. It brings tears to my eyes that you have passed on, although I did not know you. I was 11 when the disaster happened. It could have been me. But it wasn't... it was you. You are an inspiration to me now Rodney, I believe I can make a difference now. I know you sure did in my heart and the hearts of many others. The tears I shed for you are a token of my appreciation and my sadness that such an innocent life could be taken like that. I know you are in a better place now, watching, guarding. You are an angel.
Spread your wings, Rodney Dickens.

Rest in peace...

Marissa Zdazinsky

I am one of those New Yorkers that just cant seem to let go of the 9/11 tragedy. I torture myself w/ video footage, videos, photos and articles of the twin towers. After 2 years, I am not desensitised. I still cry, and am haunted by the memory everyday of my life. I thought I was finally getting better, that is until I saw Rodney... my god, what is it about him I find so moving. My heart bleeds when I think of his fear, while sitting on that doomed flight. I pray he felt no pain when he perished. I wish he could've somehow been saved. I wish a higher power could have prevented him from stepping foot on that plane. Now when I look @ footage of the plane plunging into the tower, I will see Rodneys face. I cant escape this pain. I want his family to know that I love thier son, that I am a military wife who is searching for his mother, not that it will make things easier for either of us. Of all the souls lost that tragic day, Rodney is the most special to me. I will wait to see him in heaven...
marissamarissag @ hotmail

Rodney D. Dickens

This is for the family of Rodney Dickens. My name is not a mistake. My deepest remorse is to you. I know Rodney is in a much better place in heaven. He is in a place were no one can hurt him. He is with our heavenly father, Jesus Christ. If any Dickens recive this e-mail, please dont be hesitant to write me back I really would love to hear from you all...

Rodney Deshaun Dickens

Hello my name is Rodney Dickens I am from Houston Texas. I am a 19 year old sophmore at Alcorn State University. When I first read the story on Rodney Dickens, I was startled not because he had my name but because his image is almost of mine when i was 11. I really want to look up his family background because i see relation just by looking at his picture. Please e-mail me back so i can get a confirmation that you have received my e-mail. I send my deepest sympathy to the Dickens Family. Keep your heads up, its what Rodney would have wanted



Susan Thornton

I saw Rodney Dickens' picture in a Jet magazine and it literally broke my heart, he reminded me of my own 11 year old son Aaron. I have thought about this innocent little boy every day and I pray for his family every day. I hope his family can be comforted by knowing that he is in heaven. I always think about this innocent child and continue to pray for his family.

May God Bless You All
Susan Thornton

Kelli Bailey

Rodney went to Ketcham Elementary, not Leckie.

Kelli Bailey

I saw the picture of Rodney in our local Sunday paper and cried. He reminded me so much of my own 10 year old son and of my younger brother when he was that age. What tore at my heart, also, was that I did not see any other victim with the same last name, so I was wondering if anyone was there to hold his hand. I recently learned that he was with a teacher, and I am glad that he had someone to comfort him. I still find it hard to believe that any human being could do this to innocent ones such as Rodney. I would really like to communicate with his family. If anyone reads this and knows them, please, ask them to contact me. If you are a member of his family and are reading this, please, know that I have prayed for your comfort and peace many times, and my heart goes out to you. I know that Rodney is now with his loving Father in Heaven and his brother Jesus Christ. He looked so sweet and innocent in his picture. I wish that I could have learned of his life in a different way.
With love, Kelli