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Joseph Lovero
World Trade Center, New York City, NY
Employer: Jersey City Fire Department

Jersey City, NJ 
Age: 60

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Dear Joe,

I miss so many things about you. I can hardly believe you have been gone for a whole year! How I wish you hadn't gone that day! Not a day goes by that I don't have a memory of something you said or did! You were so special to me...
I miss our talks after work, I miss your silly laugh and your corny jokes, I miss talking to you on the phone even...
How am I going to watch Sopranos this year without you? I can't look at Club crackers without thinking of you...
I finally read the books you gave me, and you were right, I did like them! You have me hooked!
There are so many things I still want to tell you! If I wrote everything here, it would be a novel!
I hope you know how much you are missed by all your friends....what they would give to have you back to bust your chops or have you bust theirs....


Dearest Daddy,
I love you and miss you so much ...
Nothing will ever be the same for me ... You were always my Hero but now... You are a HEROS HERO ...
I know what happened to you on that day, I have all of the answers now ... You unselfishly gave of yourself to save so many ... and you weren't even supposed to be there ... I know that and so will everyone else ...Rest in Peace Daddy ... Until we are together again ...
It is an honor to be your daughter ... and like you said to me, "fight ... and give it all you have" ... so I will daddy ... anything for you ....
Love and Admiration
Your "Gootsy"