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Daniel Lopez
World Trade Center, New York City, NY
Employer: Carr Futures

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christena gaetano

to the family of daniel lopez,

im sorry to hear about your loss of someone you loved very much, but in some sence you have never lost him he is in your eyes, your hearts and in your souls. The best thing to have is the memories that you and him have created together, and the time you have spent with him, even the little things that could just bring a smile and a tear to your eyes. Every night as you say a prayer he is down looking at you and telling you he loves you and misses you. to loose someone hurts but one day when it is your turn to leave this world he'll be there to greet you in his arms, and then never again will you be parted. with deep wishes for the family and loved ones of mr. Lopez my heart goes out to you and i hope you stay stong in a very difficult time.