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Dr. Paul Ambrose
American Airlines Flight 77

Age: 32
Physician Working On Health Care Policy In Washington

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Zenia Maldonado

im am so happy that i found this site.i really want to express to dr.ambrose's family how much i feel for what happened to him.that summer before the attacks, i volunteered at the doctor's office he was working at because i want to be a doctor when i get older.everytime i saw him, he always had a BIG SMILE on his face and he made me feel comfortable in that working environment.he told me that if this was what i wanted to do, to go ahead and succeed and that one day, i would be helping another young teenager achieve her/his dreams of doing what they want to do.i will always care for him in my heart.i miss his blue eyes, and may God bless his parents for having such a great son.now i am 18, and i'm going to graduate and his words still echo in my mind...not only will achieving my career goal make me happy, but it will make me feel as if i have made him proud.again, my love goes out to his family.

Amy Adkins-Stover

Mr.and Mrs. Ambrose,

I wanted to let you know that my heart goes out to you and your family.

I went to highschool with Paul and we graduated together. We were in homeroom together and several classes throughout highschool. I also attended Marshall University I was a Pre Med major but I didnt get to finish like Paul did because I had two small children. I always wanted to be a Doctor but my calling right now is to be a Full Time Mother, hopefully I will get to return to college and finish my dream.
I always knew Paul would be successful.
It breaks my heart to imagine the pain and suffering you have had put on you. I know that you were so proud of him. I would be so proud an honored if any of my four children were to be successful as Paul.
I also knew Scott too and I was Pregnant at the time with my third child when he passed away.
I was pregnant with my fourth child when Paul was taken on this day two years ago. I wish I could have come to West Virginia but I was pretty far along and I live in Tennessee and couldnt travel at the time.. But I do want you to know that I thought of you and your family and I still do and you are in my prayers. I have been up all night with my eyes full of tears thinking of him....remembering him in highschool.. I remember him highlighting his hair or acting silly ....putting a smile on my face and making me laugh...he was truly one of a kind....and I am so glad I knew him and was friends with him! He really touched my heart.

I wrote something that I would like to share with you.....

I have been a lil down and blue today.....remembering my good friend Paul that was taken from us 2 yrs ago today. He was on Flight77 that on his way to a conference on adolescent obesity in Los Angeles when it crashed into the Pentagon. We were highschool friends and graduated the same year. We both went to same college too. We used to laugh and have the best time together we shared the same homeroom all thru school and several classes together. I have cried my eyes out last night reading all the comments from friends family and collegues. He was amazing! Ive been thinking of him today.
He worked as Senior Clinical Advisor for the US Surgeon General.

Paul will be greatly missed but I was thankful that I had him for a friend. Paul was 32 when he was taken on this day two years ago.His brother was also 32 when he was taken from Pauls Mom and Dad too. Those were their only two children. My heart goes out to Pauls Parents and family and friends on this day.

If I could talk to Paul again it would be......" I am glad we were friends and I think you are inspiration and Thanks for all the fun and laughs and being you! I always knew you would be successful and you truly surpassed all expectations I had! I miss you and I love ya.... Paul !...
You definitely earned your "Wings" !!..Love, Amy" Ill See you someday!

I asked all of my friends via email and phone to light a Candle in Memory Of Dr. Paul Ambrose my highschool friend that is missed by all those people that knew him and the lives he touched especially mine! He was truly an incredible friend, son, fiancee and a physician. He even touched peoples lives he didnt know. The world lost a true leader who could have made a difference in the health care system!

With heartfelt sympathy,
Amy Adkins-Stover
(highschool friend)

Patsy Stephenson

Paul was a true American helping people with health care. Helping people who were in need. A wonderful human being with beauty inside and outside. A bright young star taken from those who love him. May his family find peace this holiday season. His parents appreciate your words and prayers.