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Michele B. Lanza
World Trade Center, New York City, NY
Employer: Fiduciary Trust International

New York, NY 
Age: 36
Administrative Assistant

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I keep thinking about Nickolas Lanza after watching "Telling Nickolas", my son turned 8 years old this year and my heart goes out to Nickolas, I just sobbed when I saw what Nickolas had to go through. I know his mommy knows he's being taking care of. May God Bless

Pam O'Neil

I feel as if I have lost a dear friend, yet we never met. Your love for your son and his for you are our bond. I pray several times a day for Nicholas to be safe and that he has somehow found a way to be happy without you. I cry myself to sleep each night thinking of his pain and sorrow. No child should suffer the loss of their mother, their best friend, and their protector. Rest in peace, dear Michelle, knowing he is loved by so many. You have an extraordinary child who has something to offer this world…though your time together was brief you taught him so much. Love, compassion and kindness he learned from you, his Mom. Watch over him from above, visit his dreams, for he will always feel your love near him. You are in his smile, his laughter and his heart.


I watched "Telling Nicholas" and it upset me deeply that this little boy lost his best friend, his watcher, his companion, his mother. There is not a day that goes by that I don't think about Nicholas and how his mother, his best friend was taken away from him in an instant. I have grown a deep love for Nicholas for being such a brave, strong big boy. I am so proud of him and I offer nothing but prayers and love for Nicholas and the rest of the Lanza family. Michelle, I am so sorry for your death. I know what a great mom you were and I truly believe that you and Nicholas will be brought together in happiness and love, in the only true safe place in the world- heaven. God bless the Lanza family!

Angela Smith

In Memory of Michelle B Lanzo
I didn't know you but I met you through the eyes of your son Nicholas and your husband Robert
I pray that peace and comfort come to Robert and Nicholas,your parents and your sisters
That God will help them in this time of need
You are in my prayers daily
Rest in Peace Michelle

Angela Smith