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Carol Laplante
World Trade Center, New York City, NY
Employer: Marsh and Mclennan Cos. Inc.

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Patricia Ann Theresa Connolly

For You, Carol LaPlante

You were a nicely kept secret within your mother's womb. At the right moment according to God's design, you were brought forth. The spirt of God and Saint Francis flowed, blossomed, and echoed within your being.

Genetics and everyday events molded and fashioned you into the warm, loving, and caring person that your family, friends, and Franciscans came to know, love, and treasure.

Your earthly family will truly miss your physical presence, Carol. We were very sorry that your death had to be under such tragic circumstances as the bombing at the World Trade Center. However, we are all very happy that you are finally forever in the presence of teh Lord. As you know, his love is never ending.

The pigeons and birds will certainly miss your benevolent kindnesses also. You cared for them as if they were a member of your own family. You were truly following in the footsteps of your Heavenly Father as well as Saint Francis. Thus, I am confident you have found much favor with the Heavenly Court.

I will always remember the fact taht you carried bread with you to feed them as well as our intimate conversations on the subject. I hope they will have another wonderful person like you to watch over them.

Although we shall no longer be able to share a meal, talk about the latest events and happenings, visit the sick together, do Liturgical Ministry, and so forth, I believe that our friendship and Ministry, especially on a spiritual level, will far surpass our imaginations. Now, I can always call on my saintly friend.

I love you very much, Carol. I am glad that our paths have crossed in this life, and I am definitely looking forward to meeting you in heaven.

Look down from heaven once in a while and guide us, earthly humans, to the path that leads to beauty, peace, and love among all human beings.

Your friend and Liturgical Minister
at St. Francis of Assisi Church