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Angel C. Jr. Juarbe
World Trade Center, New York City, NY
Employer: New York Fire Department

New York, NY 
Age: 35

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Judi Frazier

You allowed us to know the amazing man you were, and we are richer for it. Thank you, Angel. We'll always remember.

Emerita Verdejo-Juarbe

Although the time we knew each other was short due to the tragedy you were a part of my family. I thank God that there was an angel in my famiy like you that desperately tried to save the lives of many. I cannot express how much this has effected me as I watched my husband your cousin suffer with this great loss. It was overwhelming to my soul having to watch the lives of everyone in despair. My heart bled for you and the family and I am greatly honored to have your name passed onto my daughter Angelina Louise Juarbe who would've been your second cousin. Somehow I know that you can see and feel the hearts of all of us and you probably know me better now than you did before 9/11. With the purity of my heart I love you for all that you've done and the effort you made to save peoples lives. You are a soldier, a fighter and a hero. Time has passed but the loss is still deeply felt within our hearts. I know that somehow someday we will meet again. I pray that the entire family and all others will have peace in knowing that you are still here in spirit because I still feel your prescence and know that our Angel will always be here. Sometimes in life we don't comprehend what God had in plan but I know that you were special and that is why he chose you and blessed you and you are beside him right now. The mind and the spirit can feel although we cannot explain it and I know that you are here. I pray that the love of Jesus Christ allows you to see and feel the love and honor I have for you. My soul and my heart will always be with you I will never forget you. Your name is carried on and lived and I feel that you are a part of me and my future through my daughter who we call "Angel" who was born on your mothers birthday 12/19/01. I love you and will someday when she's older explain to her how honored she should be to carry your name.I hate to end the prayer because I feel like your here listening to my every thought and word. With all the love and strength that I have with entirety Thank you, you are admired and the light that you shine on so many will never be forgotten. I love you.

Emerita Verdejo-Juarbe

Kim Kittell

Angel,I remembered watching over last summer a series called Murder in Small Town X,now looking back now,how IRONIC is it?

When the introduced all of the players for the show,I was happy to hear we had a NYC Firefighter amongst them. I am from NJ.(Roselle,NJ)

All of us here,myself,husband and my 2 children,almost knocked over the couch,because we were so happy that you won,because you truly deserved to.

I never met you in person,but from watching that show week after week,for three months,I felt as if we all did know you personally.
I saw what a compassinate person you are,loyal and trustworthy and funny as well.
I could not believe it I saw that horrible day,come to us.I just drove my kids to school,turned on the tv and just stood there in horror.I was frozen,because I could not believe it was real.

I remembered what engine co you worked for and ran upstaris to my computer and logged onto the fox 5 network msg boards for murder in small town X.
They said your company was one that responded to 9-11,and that you were listed amongst the missing.
I prayed for you,and all of you involved.And your families as well,that you came home to them safely.
I know you passed away doing what you truly loved to do,helping others,making sure that they were alright,and probably not even thinking of yourself.

You are truly a HERO,and all that has fallen with you.And a ANGEL to us all.

You are sadly missed,but will never be forgotten.
May god watch over you,and your family,and keep all of you in his care always.


war has claimed lievs of many people, especially somebody I have not met or known... but has inspired me. I hope that people may think.... and give peace.. in the memory of those who died for it.. and in the memory of ANGEL. an inspiration....