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Timothy John Hargrave
World Trade Center, New York City, NY
Employer: Cantor Fitzgerald

Readington, NJ 
Age: 38
Vice President

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Stephen Winslow

I met Timothy's brother in NY City. I was there with a group of young college students from Virginia and his brother was kind enough to speak to us. He asked where we were from and then went on to share his story of Timothy (TJ). He laughed with us and he brought tears to our eyes as he shared his loving memories of the brother he lost. Most of all he gave us pause and asked us to remember that 9/11 was not about the buildings we lost or the stopage of a city or the war that has followed; it was about the lives we lost. It was about losing "wiseguy" like TJ who put a smile on your face and love in your heart everytime he spoke of his family. His brother reminded us of that. His brother reminded us, without saying, that he lost more then TJ that day...he lost a part of himself. I thanked Timothy's brother for sharing his story because it made the experience a little more personal and it put things in perspective for us all. May God be with all those affected by the events that day. I hope those who lost love ones can someday find some sense of peace in their hearts. I wish that with all my heart, Stephen Winslow, Waynesboro, VA.