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Eric Hartono
United Airlines Flight 175

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Dawn Skowronski

On the anniversary of 9/11 it seemed hard that we had lost one of Newbury's own. It is so hard to believe. As the wind blew through the trees at the Memorial here on campus and Eric's name was read. Everything I could remember about Eric flooded my mind and I began to cry even worse than before.
I knew Eric as a classmate and the office assistant for the International Students office, which Eric used to stop by when Mary was here. I think the best memory I have of Eric was him in my Marketing class he loved to joke around with our Professor. Eric always wore a Red baseball cap with the the name of a German racecar driver on it. Him and I used to joke around in class b/c I'm german and I really liked the driver. Eric was even preregistered in one of my classes last fall and I was excited to have him another one of my classes.
When I came back to school last September and was working in the office the new International Student Services director told me Eric was transferring out to LA. I was upset but I knew he would visit his friends that he had here. And only a few short days later 9/11 occurred prio to the students at Newbury being notified the Dean spoke with me b/c he knew I had known Eric through the office. All I could think about is Eric's red hat and his little wisecracks in class.
Eric is truely missed in the Newbury Community. I personally would like to send my prayers and memories of Eric to his family. My the lord bless all of the victim's families and may the terrorists be brought to justice. GOD BLESS!!!