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Derrick Arthur Green
World Trade Center, New York City, NY

New York, NY 
Age: 44

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Here I am trying to cause myself a
A moment of sincere void for an exit.
A door, a hand ,an idea to free
myself from the vast painting of Hate. Here I am failing before the world ,and Heavens. I can no longer hear my saviour. No he is not answering. H e r e ,
I am at a hold to see, I am jumping red fonts of the New gospel to hear. My Heart is open still waiting to cause myself a laugh but it is not coming. I am alone scared and cold.
Here I am doubled up inside. Waiting.

Prof. A. Kamil Pinarci

I lost one female Turkish Muslim student of my class.
She was young hopeful architect.
There were many innocent lives, ended that day at the Twin Towers.
They were from different races, religions and cultures.
They were all innocent, determined to complete their duties for the day.
There were children.
My wish and prayer is; this disaster, brought by fanaticism, hate, and prejudice.
Hopefully make us understand the real causes of terrorism, make us understand,
Other culture and religions. Build bridges with others, and create understanding.
So we can create world opinion, unity and moral stand, to stop terrorism, religious fanaticism and racism all around the world which caused so many wars destruction and unhappiness of human lives.