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Gary Geidel
World Trade Center, New York City, NY
Employer: New York Fire Department

New York, NY 

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Danny Toomey

My name is Danny Toomey and I am a Firefighter Rescue Tech. in Aurora, Colorado today my and brothers from around the country climbed 110 flights of stairs in honor of the 343 lost. I was given the privilege of carrying Garys photo while on the climb and I want your family to know that gary and your family will by in my families prayers from now on

Thank You for the honor
Toomey Jr.

Mathilda Geidel

Hi I'm daughter of Gary Geidel.I like to thank everyone that wrote on here.But what they did for get in the video was me and my Mom.We were home praying for my Dad to come home.Thank you everyone that helped that day to find my Dad but unforchantly never found him.Me and My mom Tillie Geidel still hurt to this day.But we know my Dad loved us more then anything,and we know he's waiting for us in heven with GOD and JESUS. If you wanna know about my Dad you can email my Mom Tillie at mulebone@hotmail.com

love you daddy

Julie DiCaprio

To the family of Gary Geidel. I was so touched by the brother and the father who went ot the sight daily in search of any hint of this heroic man.
We all deal with grief in our own way. I hope this helped the brother and the father to overcome some of their grief. I have worked as a dispatcher for a police and fire dept in a very small town and have worked in hosptials. Life is precious and no one says on their death bed that they wish they had more material things. Life is so fleeting. We need to cherish every moment.We all need to love and be loved. I feel this man was very loved.How fortunate he was.

Kim Hemric

To the brother of Gary:

Hello, my name is Kim and I am from Madison NC. Last night, I saw a program on TV that was showing your story. I have seen alot of families regarding there memories of what happened, but I have to say that your story along with your father's touched my heart in so many ways. I could not do anything, but sit there and try to imagine what your family is going through and cry. I just wanted you to know how that I was thinking of you and your family and that he will always be there for you, and I am sure that he is watching over you. Please email me if you would like.


Madison NC


I just would like to wish all the best in the times that come for his family. I've never had the pleasure of meeting Mr.Geidel in person. But on sept.11,01 before ever seeing his heroic face on t.v. He came to me in a dream smiling. He and I were both helping people at the wtc site. When I woke up I saw him for only a few seconds and then that night I saw his face in t.v. I'm sorry if I may have caused any wiered ill feelings by writing this, but I think eveyone should now even after his passing he is still helping.