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Boyd A. Gatton
World Trade Center, New York City, NY

Jersey City, NJ 
Age: 38

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Patrick Gatton

The following poem was written the day-after our daughter, Cindy, died.

March 24, 1985

Daddy, I am ecstatic
You must write my poem for my friends.
It is called:


Imagine seeing Him who creates flowers
Imagine being with Him who created the world
Imagine seeing the beauty of God the Father
Imagine Jesus stepping out to greet me
Imagine all of your ancestors calling to say hello
Imagine grandma's eyes
Imagine my surprise
Imagine meeting grandpa for the first time
Imagine time no more
Imagine majesty beyond belief
Imagine seeing His face
Imagine life with beauty so incredible that it dazzles your eyes
Imagine life with friends of all the ages
Imagine the God larger than the universe
Imagine me trying to put my arms around Him
Imagine me among the angels
Imagine the wine of the angels
Imagine lucky me
Imagine being among those who love you so
Imagine love without boundaries
Imagine light that warms
Imagine wind that is still
Imagine saying hello to the guardians of trust, hope and love
Imagine Him knowing your thoughts, your emotions, your needs
Imagine the delicacy of a rose
Imagine a guardian of beauty
Imagine Mary, the most beautiful mother in the universe
Imagine a rosary that glows with Mary's light
Imagine the love of Joseph
Imagine the tenderness of hands recreating the world each day
Imagine His life in each leaf, in each blade, in each person
Imagine being lifted and carried around Heaven by those who
are powerful and swift
Imagine not one frightening thing
Imagine sitting with God to talk about what interests you
Imagine experiencing all of this simply because He loves us

Copyright, 1985 J. Patrick Gatton