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Dianne Snyder
American Airlines Flight 11

Westport, MA 
Age: 42
Flight Attendant

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Elizabeth Frederick

Although my family has never met the Snyder's an acquaintance had asked my son years ago to write a song in memory of her.
Occasionally when he preforms he will do this song. Whenever he does I think of the family she left behind and send up a prayer for there continued strength. I wanted to let the family know that we will never forget. Not Diana or that awful day that changed so many families lives.

a friend of the snyders

Dear Family and Friends of the Snyder Faily,
I am a friend of the Snyder family and a very close friend of Dianne Snyders daughter Blakeslee. Blakelee is one of the most energetic, loving and compasionate person i know. I feel more then blessed to have her in my life. Dianne, your spirit lives on through Blakeslee. Although i never met you i can tell through lee and Blakes how much of an extrodinary women and mother you were. I would just like to let you know that Leland and Blakelee are two of the most respectful, strong and caring peole i know, you should be very proud of them as you probally are. To see Blakeslee everyday and see how strong and uplifting she is makes me proud to be one of her friends, for someone who was such a young age when her mother paassed on can be that uplifitng it really puts everyone elses life into persepctive and to ot take life for granted. My prayers are with you and your famiy. Blakeslee i love you

"Celebrate we will because life is short but sweet for certan" dmb