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John Ogonowski
American Airlines Flight 11

Dracut, MA 
Age: 52

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Leslie carol Daniels

Captain Ogonowski you were a great and handsome man with a lot going for you. I will keep you and your beautful family in my prayers.

Alice T. Keenan

Dear Mrs. Ogonoski, It has taken me a year to write this letter to you!I just didn't know how toapproach it and I was afraid to upset you. A year ago everything turned upside down and with the antrax scare you didn't need a letter from me!
Now I know how to E-mail!!
It is approaching another hard time for you - the anniversary of John's death!
Before I go into my little story of how I met your sweet husband, I want you to know that not one day has passed since Sept. 11th that I have not thought of and prayed for you and your girls!
I am 73 years old and last year I flew to Florida to attend a wedding. I was a little nervous because I was alone. My husband had a stroke in 1999 and,altho' he has recuperated to almost 100% he is reluctant to travel too much.
I had to change flights in Atlanta on the way home. The second flight was very late. When we finally boarded, a beautiful, tall young man sat next to me. I somehow knew he was a pilot. Don't ask me how I knew, I don't understand it myself! I decided that I would not bother him with my chatting (I tend to talk too much) and let him relax. The plane taxied for about 45 minutes and he could see that I was getting nervous! We began to chat and did so all the way to Islip Airport! He was so patient with me!
Naturally I talked about my husband who is my life! He told about you and your daughters. When he said his name was John, I told him that was a great name because our youngest son is John! I wish I could remember his exact words! I DO remember that I was impressed by his love for you and his love and pride in his daughters!
When we pulled into Islip and prepred to leave the plane he said," I hope when we are married as long as you that my wife talks about me the way you speak about your husband! And tell your husband I flew his planes!" (Red,my husband is a retired Grumman Engineer).
I told him I was sure you would!
I know this is strange but I have such a love for you and your girls. I will always think about and pray for all of you. I cannot tell this story to friends without my heart aching for you! I lost my father when I was 4 years old and have no recollection of him. I have always wished I could meet someone who knew him. When I converted to Catholicism at 22 years old, I realized that I could ask Dad to pray with me and for me in times of nedd. I pray that you and the girls know that you can do the same. It IS a comfort!
If you ever visit Long Island, please know that you are welcome to stay with us. Our address is P.O. Box 557, St. James, N.Y. 11780.
May God bless you with His peace that surpasses all understanding.
much love,
Alice Keenan